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Ceebook Waec 2021 Timetable August is Available – Download pdf

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Monday 16th August

Catering Craft Practice 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am.– 10:10am.


Cosmetology 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am.– 10:30am


Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 2 (Essay) 9:30am.– 10:30am.

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 1 (Objective) 10:30am.–11:30am.


Printing Craft Practice 2 (Essay) 9:30am.– 11:00am.

Printing Craft Practice 1 (Objective) 11:00am. – 11:45am.


Photography 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am. –12:30pm.


Carpentry and Joinery 3 (Practical) 9:30am.–11:30am.(1stSet)

Carpentry and Joinery 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Upholstery 3 (Practical) 9:30am.–11:30am.(1stSet)

Upholstery 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Machine Wood working 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 11:30 am.(1stSet)

Machine Wood working 3 (Practical) 12:00 noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Auto Body Repair sand Spray Painting 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 12:40 pm.(1stSet)

Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.– 4:10pm.(2ndSet)




Tuesday 17th August

Hausa 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Hausa 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Igbo 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Igbo 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Yoruba 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Yoruba 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.




Wednesday 18th August

Animal Husbandary (AlternativeB)3(Practical) – 9:30am.– 11:00am.(1stSet)

Animal Husbandry (AlternativeB)3(Practical) – 11:30am. – 1:00pm.(2ndSet)


GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair 2(Essay)


GSM Phone Maintenance and Repair 1 (Objective) 11:05am.–11:50am.


Marketing 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Marketing 1 (Objective) 11:30am.–12:20pm.


Mining 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:35am.

Mining 1 (Objective) 11:35am.–12:15pm.


Bookkeeping 2(Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Bookkeeping 1 (Objective) 11:30am.–12:20pm.


Store Keeping 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Store Keeping 1(Objective) 11:30am.–12:20pm.


Insurance 2 (Essay) 2:30pm. –4:30pm.

Insurance 1 (Objective) 4:30pm.– 5:20pm.




Thursday 19th August

Data Processing 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Data Processing 1(Objective) 11:30am.–12:30pm.


Auto Electrical Works 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am.–10:45am.


Radio, Television and Electronic Works 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–10:30am.

Radio, Television and Electronic Works 1(Objective) 10:30am.–11:15am.


Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:00am.

Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –12:00noon.


Photography 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Photography1(Objective) 11:30am.–12:30pm.


Auto Mechanical Work 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:45am.

Auto Mechanical Work 1(Objective) 11:45am.–12:30pm.


Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:45am.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work 1 (Objective) 11:45am.–12:30pm.


Printing Craft Practice 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 10:30am.(1stSet)

Printing Craft Practice 3 (Practical) 11:00am. – 12:00 noon.(2ndSet)


Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 11:00am.(1stSet)

Plumbing and Pipe Fitting 3 (Practical) 11:30am. – 1:00pm.(2ndSet)


Air-conditioning and Refrigeration 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 11:30am.(1stSet)

Air-conditioning and Refrigeration 3(Practical) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Fisheries (Alternative B) 2 (Essay) 2:30pm.–4:30pm.

Fisheries (Alternative B) 1 (Objective) 4:30pm.–5:10pm.


Animal Husbandry (AlternativeB) 2 (Essay) 2:00pm.–4:00pm.

Animal Husbandry (AlternativeB) 1 (Objective) 4:00pm.–4:40pm.


Store Management 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:30am.

Store Management 1(Objective) 11:30am.–12:30pm.


Office Practice 2 (Essay) 2:00pm.–4:10pm.

Office Practice 1 (Objective) 4:10pm.–5:10pm.




Friday 20th August

Machine Woodworking 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–10:30am.

Machine Woodworking 1(Objective) 10:30am.–11:30am.


Stenography 2 (Essay) 9:30am.-10:10 am.

Stenography 1(Objective) 10:10am.-10:50am.


Cosmetology 2(Essay) 9:30am. – 10:50am.

Cosmetology 1(Objective) 10:50am.-11:30am.


Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–10:30am.

Block Laying,Bricklaying And Concrete Works 1(Objective) 10:30am.–11:15am.


Catering Craft Practice 2(Essay) 9:30am.–10:20am.

Catering Craft Practice 1(Objective) 10:20am.-11:00am


Carpentry and Joinery 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:00am.

Carpentry and Joinery 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –11:45am.


Tourism 2 (Essay) 9:30am.–11:20am.

Tourism 1 (Objective) 11:20am. –12:00noon.


Garment Making 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –10:10am.

Garment Making 1 (Objective) 10:10am. –10:55am.


Painting and Decorating 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Painting and Decorating 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Stenography 3 (Short and Word Processing) 9:30am. -11:08am.


Dyeing and Bleaching 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:10am.

Dyeing and Bleaching 1(Objective) 11:10am. –11:55am.


Furniture Making 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Furniture Making 1(Objective) 11:30am. –12:15pm.


Automobile Parts Merchandising 2(Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Automobile Parts Merchandising 1(Objective) 11:30am. –12:20pm.


Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical) Planning Session 2:30pm. –3:30pm.

Home Management 3 (Practical) Planning Session 3:30pm. –4:30pm.




Monday 23rd August

Fisheries (Alternative B) 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:00am.(1stSet)

Fisheries (Alternative B) 3 (Practical) 11:30am. –1:00pm.(2ndSet)


Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Block Laying, Bricklaying and Concrete Works 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)


Furniture Making 3 (Practical) 9:30am.– 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Furniture Making 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)


Radio, Television and Electronic Works 3 (Practical) 9:30 am. – 11:30 am. (1stSet)

Radio, Television and Electronic Works 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Painting and Decorating 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Painting and Decorating 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)


Computer Studies 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:00pm.

Computer Studies 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.




Monday, 23rd August, 2021 To Friday, 3rd September, 2021

(Date and time for each Paper will be arranged by the Council.)

Arabic 3 (Oral)

French 3 (Oral)

Physical Education 3 (Performance Test) Clothing and Textiles 3 (Practical) Foods and Nutrition 3 (Practical)

Home Management 3 (Practical)

Music 3 B (Performance Test)




Tuesday 24th August

Visual Art2 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Visual Art 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:20pm.


Engineering Science 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:15am.

Engineering Science 1 (Objective) 11:15am. –12:30pm.


Physical Education 3 (Theory of Practice) 2:00pm–4:00pm.




Wednesday 25th August

Salesmanship 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Salesmanship 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:20pm.


Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Garment Making3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 11:30am. –12:15pm.


Upholstery 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:00pm.

Upholstery 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.


Auto Electrical Works 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:00pm.

Auto Electrical Works 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. –3:45pm.


Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:30pm.

Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration 1 (Objective) 3:30pm. –4:30pm.


Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:30pm.

Auto Body Repairs and Spray Painting 1 (Objective) 3:30pm. –4:30pm.




Thursday 26th August

Civic Education 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Civic Education 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.




Friday 27th August

Auto Mechanical Work 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –12:00 noon.(1stSet)

Auto Mechanical Work 3 (Practical) 12:30pm. –3:00 pm.(2ndSet)


Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:40pm.(1stSet)

Welding and Fabrication Engineering Craft Practice 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:10pm.(2ndSet)


Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –1:30 pm.(1stSet)

Leather Goods Manufacturing and Repairs 3 (Practical) 2:00pm.–6:00pm.(2ndSet)


Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –2:00pm.(1stSet)

Dyeing and Bleaching 3 (Practical) 2:15pm. –6:45pm.(2ndSet)




Monday 30th August

Science (Core) 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:00am.

Science (Core) 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –12:00noon.

Science (Core) 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 1:00pm. –3:00pm.


Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Computer Studies 3 (Practical) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)




Tuesday 31st August

Health Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am.–11:15am.


Health Education 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am.–11:15am.


Home Management 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –3:00pm.

Home Management 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.




Wednesday 1st September

Applied Electricity 2 (Essay) 12:00noon. –1:00pm.


Applied Electricity 1 (Objective) 1:00pm. –2:00pm.


Basic Electricity 2 (Essay) 12:00noon. –1:00pm.

Basic Electricity 1 (Objective) 1:00pm. –2:00pm.


Arabic 2 (Essay) 2:00pm.–4:00pm.

Arabic 1 (Objective) 4:00pm.–4:50pm.




Thursday, 2nd September

Sculpture 2 (Essay) 9:30am.– 11:30am.

Sculpture 1 (Objective) 11:30am.– 12:20pm.


Financial Accounting 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –12:00 noon.

Financial Accounting 1 (Objective) 12:00noon.–1:00pm.


Crop Husbandry and Horticulture 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Crop Husbandry and Horticulture 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Fisheries (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Fisheries (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Animal Husbandary (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 9:30 am.–11:30 am.(1stSet)

Animal Husbandary (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Forestry (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Forestry (Alternative A) 3 (Practical) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


French 2 (Essay) 3:00pm.–4:15pm.

French 1 (Objective) 4:15pm.–5:15pm.





Friday, 3rd September

Metalwork 2 (Essay) 9:30am. -11:00 am.

Metalwork 1 (Objective) 11:00am. – 12:00noon.


Jewellery 2 (Essay) 9:30am. -11:30 am.


Jewellery 1 (Objective) 11:30am.– 12:20pm.


Electronics 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Electronics 3 (Practical) 1:00pm. – 4:00pm.(2ndSet)


Basic Electronics 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Basic Electronics 3 (Practical) 1:00pm. – 4:00pm.(2ndSet)




Monday, 6th September

Graphic Design 2 (Essay) 9:30 am.–11:30am.

Graphic Design 1 (Objective) 11:30am.– 12:20pm.


Metalwork 3 (Practical) 9:30am.–12:40pm.(1stSet)

Metalwork 3 (Practical) 1:00pm. –4:10pm.(2ndSet)


Auto Mechanics 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Auto Mechanics 3 (Practical) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)




Tuesday, 7th September

General Knowledge in Art 3A (Drawing And Painting) 9:30 am.–12:30pm.

Applied Electricity3 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Applied Electricity 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)


General Agriculture 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

General Agriculture 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Wood work 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

Wood work 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)


BASIC Electricity 3 (Practical) 9:30am. – 12:30pm.(1stSet)

BASIC Electricity 3 (Practical) 1:00pm.–4:00pm.(2ndSet)




Wednesday, 8th September

Music 3 A(Aural) 9:30am. –10:15am.


Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:00 am.(1stSet)

Agricultural Science 3 (Practical) 11:30am. – 1:00pm.(2ndSet)

Agricultural Science 3 (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am. –11:00am.


Visual Art 3 A (Drawing) 2:00pm. –5:00pm.




Thursday, 9th September

Clerical Office Duties 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:40am.

Clerical Office Duties 1(Objective) 11:40am. –12:30pm.


Further Mathematics/Mathematics(Elective) 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –12:00noon.

Further Mathematics/Mathematics(Elective) 1 (Objective) 3:30pm. –5:00pm.




Friday, 10th September

Biology 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:10am.

Biology 1 (Objective) 11:10am. –12:00noon.


Commerce 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –5:00pm.

Commerce 1 (Objective) 5:00pm. –5:50pm.


Information and Communication Technology (Elective) 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.

Information and Communication Technology (Elective) 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.




Monday, 13th September

English Language 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.


English Language 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


English Language 3 (Test of Orals) 3:00pm. –3:45pm.




Tuesday, 14th September

Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) 9:30 am. – 11:30 am. (1stSet)

Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) 12:00noon. –2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Chemistry 3 (Alternative D)(Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am. –11:00am.


Building Construction 2 (Essay) 12:00noon.–1:00pm.

Building Construction 1 (Objective) 1:00pm. –1:45pm.


Music 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Music 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.


Physical Education 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:20pm.

Physical Education 1 (Objective) 4:20pm. –5:10pm.




Wednesday, 15th September

Physics 2 (Essay) 9:30am.– 11:00am.

Physics 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –12:15pm.


Business Management 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Business Management 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Auto Mechanics 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:30pm.

Auto Mechanics 1 (Objective) 4:30pm. –5:30pm.




Thursday, 16th September

Literature-In-English 2 (Prose) 9:30am. –10:45am.

Literature-In-English 1 (Objective) 10:45am. –11:45am.

Literature-In-English 3 (Drama&Poetry) 2:00pm. –4:30pm.




Friday, 17th September

Biology 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) 9:30 am. – 11:30 am. (1stSet)

Biology 3 (Alternative B) (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30 am.–11:30 am.

Biology 3 (Practical)(Alternative A) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Woodwork 2 (Essay And Design) 3:00pm. –5:20pm

Woodwork 1 (Objective) 5:20pm. –6:00pm.


Clothing and Textiles 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:30pm.

Clothing and Textiles 1 (Objective) 4:30pm. –5:30pm.




Monday, 20th September

General Mathematics/Mathematics (Core) 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –12:00noon.

General Mathematics /Mathematics(Core) 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. – 4:30pm.




Tuesday, 21st September

Health Education 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:00am.

Health Education 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –12:00noon.


Health Science 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:00am.

Health Science 1(Objective) 11:00am.–12:00noon.


Visual Art 3B (Creative Design) 2:00pm. –5:00pm.




Wednesday, 22nd September

Government 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Government 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Electronics 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –10:30am.

Electronics 1 (Objective) 10:30am. –11:30am.


Basic Electronics 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –10:30am.

Basic Electronics 1 (Objective) 10:30am. –11:30am.


Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Textiles 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Textiles 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –4:50pm.


Management-In-Living 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Management-In-Living 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.




Thursday, 23rd September

Economics 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Economics 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Agricultural Science 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:10pm.

Agricultural Science 1 (Objective) 4:10pm. –5:00pm.




Friday, 24th September

General Knowledge in Art 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:00am.

General Knowledge in Art 1 (Objective) 11:00am. –11:50am.

Type writing 9:30am. – 12:10pm.(1stSet)

Type writing 12:30pm.–2:10 pm.(2ndSet)


Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) 9:30 am. – 12:15 pm. (1stSet)

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative A) 12:45pm.–3:30pm.(2ndSet)


Technical Drawing 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:45pm.

Technical Drawing 1 (Objective) 4:45pm. –5:45pm.




Monday, 27th September

Technical Drawing 3 (Sketches,Building and Mechanical Drawing) 9:30am. –12:15pm.


Basketry 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Basketry 1(Objective) 11:30am. –12:20pm.


General Agriculture 3 (Practical) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

General Agriculture 3 (Practical) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Shorthand 2:00pm. –3:15pm.


Foods and Nutrition 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –4:15pm.

Foods and Nutrition 1 (Objective) 4:15pm. –5:15pm.


Picture Making 2 (Essay) 3:00pm. –5:00pm.

Picture Making 1 (Objective) 5:00pm. –5:50pm.




Tuesday, 28th September

Christian Religious Studies 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Christian Religious Studies 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Islamic Studies 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Islamic Studies 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:20pm.


Chemistry 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Chemistry 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.




Wednesday, 29th September

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) 9:30am. –12:15pm.(1stSet)

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative B) 12:40pm.–3:25pm.(2ndSet)

Physics 3 Alternative D (Alternative to Practical Work) 9:30am. –12:15pm.


Building Construction 3 (Building Drawing and Essay) 12:45pm. –3:15 pm.


History 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

History 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.




Thursday, 30th September

Geography 2(Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Geography 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.

Geography 3 (Practical And Physical Geography) 2:00pm. –3:50pm.




Friday , 1st October

Principles Of Cost Accounting 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –11:30am.

Principles Of Cost Accounting 1 (Objective) 11:30am. –12:30pm.


Management-In-Living 3 (Test of Practical Work) 3:00pm. –4:00pm.




Monday, 4th October

Social Studies 2 (Essay) 9:30am. –12:30pm.

Social Studies 1 (Objective) 3:00pm. – 3.50pm.




Tuesday, 5th October

Leather work 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Leather work 1(Objective) 4:00pm. –4:50pm.


Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative C) 9:30am. –11:30 am.(1stSet)

Chemistry 3 (Practical) (Alternative C) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)


Information And Communication Technology (Elective) 3 (Practical) 9:30am.–11:30am.(1stSet)

Information And Communication Technology (Elective) 3 (Practical) 12:00noon.–2:00pm.(2ndSet)




Thursday, 7th October

General Knowledge in Art 3B (Lettering And Design) 9:30am. –12:30pm.


Forestry 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Forestry 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.


Fisheries (Alternative A) 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Fisheries (Alternative A) 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.


Crop Husbandry and Horticulture 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Crop Husbandry and Horticulture 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm.


Animal Husbandry (Alternative A) 2 (Essay) 2:00pm. –4:00pm.

Animal Husbandary (Alternative A) 1 (Objective) 4:00pm. –5:00pm




Friday, 8th October

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative C) – 9:30am. – 12:15pm.(1stSet)

Physics 3 (Practical) (Alternative C) – 12:40pm.–3:25 pm.(2ndSet)

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